Surface Patterns for Print on Demand Success

Are you a print-on-demand (POD) business owner looking to enhance your product offerings without the need for design skills? Surface patterns can be a game-changer in adding uniqueness and appeal to your merchandise. In this guide, we'll explore how you can effectively use surface patterns for your POD products and offer valuable tips for success.

Running a successful POD business doesn't always require being a design expert. With the right tools and resources, you can tap into the world of surface patterns to transform your products and captivate your audience.


What Are Surface Patterns?

Surface patterns are pre-made, repeatable designs that can be applied to various products, such as clothing, accessories, home décor, and more. They encompass a wide range of creative elements, with virtually endless possibilities. Many POD products require all-over-print designs which is where surface patterns come into play, allowing you to create stunning products for your customers.


Patterns for POD:

Many POD business owners do not have a clue on designing surface patterns and that's okay! Finding all over print patterns that can be placed on POD products is easy! We offer over 1000 hand-drawn seamless pattern designs on our website that are available for POD products. Staying up to trends on the latest styles, we have a pattern design for all of your POD product needs, Shop our collection of patterns Here.


Where Else can I find Surface Patterns?

There are numerous online marketplaces that offer a wide range of surface pattern designs for your POD needs. Popular websites where you can find surface pattern designs include Etsy, Creative Market, and Creative Fabrica


Applying Surface Patterns to Your POD Products

Once you've acquired your desired surface patterns, it's time to apply them to your POD products.

Ensure the Surface patterns you have purchased allow licensing rights for POD products, this is essential in ensuring you own the rights to use the all over print patterns on your products. We allow free commercial usage on all of our pattern designs if you are producing under 250 products. Learn more about our licensing options here


Uploading and Scaling Patterns to POD Products


Uploading all over print pattern designs to POD products is easier than you think! Simply upload your surface patterns of choice to your POD supplier, After the pattern design is uploaded it is time to scale your pattern perfectly to your product!

Most POD sites allow scaling options to change how large or how small the elements are on the surface pattern. Easily scale your design to fit all over your POD product. You may need to click "repeat" so the pattern fully fills the product box. 

Instantly see the difference Surface patterns can transform your POD Products. 


Create Professional POD Products with All Over Print Patterns

Using all over print surface patterns on your POD products will truly make them stand out. Using a design that continuously repeats all over the product creates a  professional feel to your POD products in comparison to one design on top of the product. 

Using all over print patterns can help you make one of a kind products! If you are looking for a custom pattern design that will be exclusively available to you and your business, we offer custom pattern designing services. 


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