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Love using Skyy Designs Co. Patterns for your business products? Get a Year long, Full access pass to every pattern design!


  • Easily Download ANY PATTERN by Skyy Designs Co. at ANYTIME

  • Entire Shop Access Lasts 1 year from purchase date and can be renewed yearly

  • Includes OVER 1000 seamless pattern designs with UNLIMITED sales on physical products included!

Make Your Products Stand Out with Skyy Designs Co. Patterns

Our Patterns can be placed on any product allowing you to create one of a kind products your customers will love!



Do I need a license if I am producing under 250 products using these patterns?

No, you do NOT need to purchase any commercial licensing if you are producing under 150 products using our patterns!

Do I need to purchase the license PER each design I am using on my products?

Yes, Each design you use to print on your product must have commercial licensing rights if you are producing over 250 products.

Do I need to re-purchase the basic license?

Yes, every 250 sales you must repurchase the basic license.

Can I place these patterns on any product?

Yes, On any PHYSICAL product, you are not allowed to resell or create digital products using Skyy Designs Co. Patterns.

Can I use these patterns for Print on Demand Products

Yes, POD is okay

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